Short Story: Basements and Bombshells

The old rusty helmet was big on the child’s head, tilting far down over his eyes with each lilting step....The dark hand of devastation was drawing nearer, tightening its grip around the soldiers of the 142nd Army Infantry Division and choking them out one by one with fingers of lead bullets and mortars.

Short Story: Stardust Souls

I once knew a girl made of fragments of shattered glass. She was beautiful. The array of colors and shapes would refract the sunlight, splashing a rainbow of light and hope across the whitewashed walls, creating beauty out of broken pieces.

Why My Twin Is Not My Best Friend

The odds of having twins in the United States is 3 in 100 (3-5 in 1,000 for identical twins). Maybe that's why I have pretty good luck. I am a fraternal twin, and let me tell you, it's not all it's cracked up to be.

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