Refugees Are Not the Problem

We're all exhausted, I know. We're all tired of seeing the headlines and the Facebook posts spewing political rhetoric all over the place. But I have a question for you: Why should refugees have any less right to life than you do?

Why My Twin Is Not My Best Friend

The odds of having twins in the United States is 3 in 100 (3-5 in 1,000 for identical twins). Maybe that's why I have pretty good luck. I am a fraternal twin, and let me tell you, it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Nostalgia in a Waffle Cup

Desserts tend to hold a special place in my heart, memories, and stomach. One dessert in particular, however, has a gold-plated and jewel-encrusted freezer in each of those sanctuaries: the Birthday Cake Remix from Cold Stone Creamery.

The Day The Tide Stood Still

It's a day I can remember better than yesterday. It feels like it all happened just a minute ago: black skies, piercing sirens, air heavy and warm, soaking up all our apprehension and fear, ready to explode. But most of all, I remember the silence.

If You Give A Girl A Composition Book

This is where it all began. You know, that black and white speckled composition book you can buy for 99¢ at Office Max? This is where I learned to hope and be creative and find myself. This is where I became a writer.

How Music Changed My Life

As long as I can remember, our house has been filled with music. Our parents told us we had to learn an instrument once we were old enough, so music ranging from guitar to piano to violin could be heard ringing through the halls. I chose piano, and it was the best decision I ever made at seven years old.

Fried Corn Chronicles

Whenever people tell me I look like one of my parents, I usually laugh. And then I say, "No, I look like my grandmother." Which might seem a bit odd, but Nan always says to take it as a compliment. And, of course, I always do.

Behind ET•cetera

I guess this is it. My adventure into "blogging." I don't know exactly what I hope to accomplish here, nor do I know how long this will last before life inevitably gets in the way; I do know I never would have started this without the amazing feedback I received through working with Odyssey.

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